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Wireless Clip Mic, Wireless Lavalier Microphones, Lapel Clip-On Microphone, for Smartphone, Laptop, Video Recording, Tiktok, Facebook Live, Youtube Live Stream

Wireless Clip Mic, Wireless Lavalier Microphones, Lapel Clip-On Microphone, for Smartphone, Laptop, Video Recording, Tiktok, Facebook Live, Youtube Live Stream

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  • WIRELESS,lavalier,20M HD COMMUNICATION,NO SOFTWARE INSTALLED,PLUG-AND-PLAY,AUDIO DAUL-CHANNEL TECHNOLOGY:Sound can still be played while plugging in the receiver,don't worry about Winding wires and loose connections. If you want to use it in a large space, high-speed movement, get rid of handheld devices and use it freely .
  • LIGHTNING and TYPE-C and USB connection ports, compatible with most electronic devices, so you can apply various devices: both Apple devices and Android devices such as PS5, etc., no software required.
  • NEW UPGRADE,3-LEVEL ACTIVE NOISERE DUCTION,REVERBERATION EFFECT,BUILT-IN NOISE REDUCTION CHIP, STRONG ANTI-JAMMING ABILITY, MORE EFFECTIVE RECOGNITION OF THE SOUNDTRACK , NOISY ENVIRONMENT RECORDING CLEAR: The Aisizon Wireless Lavalier Microphone is a perfect solution for anyone wanting a high-quality,high-fidelity recording. for Smartphone,Video Record,YouTube Live Streaming,Facebook Live Comments,Tiktok,Vlog short video.
  • REAL-TIME RECORDING, BUILT-IN 65MAH BATTERY, 10 HOURS OF ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE, 0.009S ultra-low latency,SHORT VIDEO RECORD OR LIVE FREE : Ultra-low recording delay, ultra-long battery working time, suitable for you to use on various occasions.
  • GIVE AWAY TYPE-C TO LIGHTNING and USB ADAPTER,: Multiple devices or multi-person groups can use this microphone, not limited to the connection port.Capture the best of your musical performance, interview, and more with the Aisizon Wireless Lavalier Mic.

Product Description

More models, more suitable for you.

Suitable for multiple devices

Easy to use,Switch on and plug in the wireless mic receiver to connect automatically,And do not need to install any software


1.If iPhone/iPad cannot be matched, please exit all open programs and restart the device.

2.It cannot match iPhone 6 or lower,because the recording is done through the 3.5 audio port.

3.Some Samsung phones cannot be matched because it is not an open source system.

*After our laboratory testing, except for the following Samsung smartphone version is not applicable, other versions are not found problems, please rest assured that the use of.

DO NOT suitable for the following models: Galaxy C9pro/Galaxy Note8/Galaxy S8/Galaxy A40s/Galaxy F52 5G/W2018/Galaxy A50, A50S/Galaxy A60, A60S/Galaxy M30S/Galaxy A6S

How to use the wireless mic on a computer/laptop by the usb adapter for zoom video conferencing?

Key: Set the Aisizon wireless microphone as your computer's audio input device.

Step 1: Open your computer's sound settings.

Find the speaker in the bottom right corner of the desktop, mouse over it, right click on "Open Sound Settings (E)"

Step 2: In the "Sound" interface, find "Input" and select the sound input device as "Microphone".

The setting is finished.

Now, You can use your computer to record, make videos, or use ZOOM to video conference with colleagues.

One tip:

In the upper right corner of the "Sound" screen, find the "Sound Control Panel".

Click on the "Sound" device, find the microphone, and click on the properties in the lower right corner.

The microphone properties screen appears, click "Listen", then the sound of the microphone can be emitted from the computer speakers.

Now, your computer will become a loudspeaker.

Type-c to Lightning adapter

More efficient and convenient links, with high-definition sound quality:

Use the Type-c to lightning adapter,it compatible with Apple device, as well as the ability to be used with most electronic devices without software.Multiple devices(Requires Type-c port) or groups of people can use this wireless mic, not limited to the connection port.


If it is an iPhone/iPad device, and the adapter cannot be used, please exit all open programs or restart the device. During the live broadcast, please exit all programs so that the microphone has enough system resources to work.

Package Included:

· 1 x wireless microphone

· 1 x receiver

· 1 x Type-C to Lightning adapter

· 1 x USB data cable

· 1 x English & Chinese bilingual manual

How to make the wireless microphone work better?

1.After use, please press and hold the power button to turn off the power, otherwise the microphone will continue to work until the battery runs out.

2. Please charge the wireless mic for 1 hour before using the device.

3. Please read the user manual before use.

Product information

Battery composition polymer
Battery type/size lithium_polymer
Number of batteries 1
Watt hours per battery 65mAh
Item Weight 75g
Connector Type Type-C
Audio Sensitivity 38DB
Frequency Response 20KHz
Material_type ABS
Color Black
Size 65*18.5*26mm / 44.5*27.5*7.8mm
Connector Type-c Type-c lightning lightning
Battery capacity 65MA 65MA 65MA 65MA
Applicable system IOS/Android/Windows/MAC IOS/Android/Windows/MAC IOS/Windows/MAC IOS/Windows/MAC
Standby time 25 hours 25 hours 25 hours 25 hours
Surrounding noise reduction
USB adapter
Pair 2 microphones

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