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Ergonomic Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work with - Provides All-Day Support and Pain Relief - Ideal for Home Office, Gaming, and More

Ergonomic Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work with - Provides All-Day Support and Pain Relief - Ideal for Home Office, Gaming, and More

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  • UNIQUE TEARDROP SHAPE: Our foot stool has a teardrop shape that is specifically tailored to mimic the curves of your feet arches, providing maximum comfort and support while sitting at your compute
  • WORKDAY PAIN RELIEF: Stop resting your feet on hard floors. Relieve pain, improve posture with our desk foot rest. It lifts your legs so hips and knees are aligned, for less pressure on the lower body
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Elevating your feet with our foot rest under desk helps reduce fatigue. To improve circulation, flip it over and use as a rocking foot rest to stimulate your legs and feet
  • MEMORY FOAM FOOT REST: Unlike hard plastic office footrests, ours yields gently under your weight to support and cushion simultaneously. Will not flatten so you can enjoy the same great feel each time
  • CERTIFIED SAFE MATERIALS: Our ergonomic foot rest under desk has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn the coveted STANDARD 100 label meaning every component is certified safe for you and the environment
  • VERSATILE: Under desk foot rest can be used in a variety of settings. Works as a gaming foot rest, office foot rest, or travel foot cushion. Use anywhere you need a comfy and supportive feet rest
  • NON SLIP BASE: The desk leg rest works on carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and concrete. Whether you wfh or in office, be confident that it won't slide to interrupt your focus and productivity
  • IDEAL FOR ALL FOOT SIZES: Our footrest for under desk accommodates all men and women. So whether you have small or large feet, you'll be able to enjoy the same comfortable, supportive experience
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Keep your leg rest for desk clean and looking like new with minimal effort. Simply unzip the cover and wash on the gentle cycle, tumble dry on low or no heat. Do not wash memory foam

Product Description

Kick Up Your Feet and Relax with the Everlasting Comfort Under Desk Footrest

With the Everlasting Comfort foot rest cushion, you can sit comfortably while working, gaming, studying, or traveling. Made with 100 percent premium memory foam, the desk foot rest provides lower body support. Use it as an under desk foot stool or flip it over and use as a rocking foot rest.

Relieve Soreness in Your Feet, Ankles, and Legs with Our Office Foot Rest

  1. Foot Stool Under Desk

    Made with 100 percent heat responsive memory foam, the small foot rest provides cloud-like comfort to effectively relieve pressure and pain

  2. Home Office Foot Rest

    Sitting at your desk for 8+ hours while working, studying, or gaming puts unwanted strain on your lower body. Use the computer desk foot rest to lift your feet into alignment for improved posture

  3. Under Desk Leg Rest

    With the office footrest, it supports and cushions in a way that flooring alone just can't. This helps to enhance circulation and overall leg and foot comfort

Say goodbye to the pesky feeling of pins and needles, pain, and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting periods. Whether you work from home or in the office, you can benefit from this favorite work accessory. With our footstool, simply put it on the floor and it's ready to deliver instant comfort.

Multifunctional Memory Foam Foot Rest That Meets All Your Needs

Use the ergo foot rest while working or simply during your leisure time. Can be placed under your feet, ankles, and knees, or flipped over and rocked to provide a bit of exercise while sitting. Lightweight and portable, bring with you wherever you go to ensure your feet are always rested.

  1. Foam Foot Rest

    Memory foam gently yields to your feet for personalized support, regaining its shape after each use

  2. Ergonomic Foot Rest

    Designed with a unique tear drop shape, it fits feet arches perfectly to relieve & refresh sore feet

  3. Under Desk Footrest

    With the non-slip rubber bottom, you can use it on hard wood, tile, and carpets without any shifting

  4. Desk Foot Stool

    Easily unzip and remove the cover. Wash on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry with low or no heat

Crafted with the Highest Quality Materials and Standards to Deliver a Truly Superior Footrest

1 Premium Memory Foam 2 Teardrop Shaped 3 Non-Slip Bottom 4 Machine Washable

Join the Many Who Are Experiencing All-Day Comfort with Our Office Leg Rest

  1. Certified Safe Rocking Foot Rest

    Sourced and designed with premium materials and tested rigorously, our sitting foot rest has met and exceeded standards in safety and quality.

  2. From Our Customers

    Footrest for under desk is:

    • 500+ Very Comfortable All Day
    • 100+ Definitely Recommend
    • 500+ Perfect for Work/Desk

In our commitment to providing only high quality products, our office footrests have been lab tested by OEKO-TEX, certifying that every component is safe for you and the planet. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have said about our under desk footrest.

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What are the benefits of using a footrest?

Our desk footrest helps support better sitting posture, circulation in feet and legs, all while keeping your feet comfortable and relaxed. Use daily for lower body pain relief and support. Sure to become one of your favorite office desk accessories.

How does this foot stool help with back pain?

Without the use of a desk foot stool, your feet are planted on the flat surface leading you to sit hunched over. Using a foot rest under desk elevates your feet, supporting better alignment that keeps your back in a more comfortable position.

What sets this footrest apart from all the others?

It's made with premium memory foam that contours around your feet’s arches for better support, features a breathable and washable cover, and doubles as a rocker for active sitting. Plus, all of the components have been lab tested and certified safe.

How to use a desk foot rest?

To enhance your comfort while sitting for long periods of time, a footrest for under desk can be helpful. Simply place your feet on the foot rest pillow or flip the ergonomic foot rest over and use it as a rocker.

Is this office foot rest washable?

Yes, the Everlasting Comfort foot rest for under desk at work features a soft, removable cover that is machine washable. Toss the cover into your washing machine in cold water on the gentle cycle, and tumble dry with low or no heat.

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