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White Noise Sound Machine with Light: 300+ Non-Looping Sounds, Sleep Machine, Adjustable Brightness, Noise Cancellation for Improved Sleep, Office Privacy, Meditation

White Noise Sound Machine with Light: 300+ Non-Looping Sounds, Sleep Machine, Adjustable Brightness, Noise Cancellation for Improved Sleep, Office Privacy, Meditation

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  • 【300+ Sounds to DIY Mix】You can get millions of sleep-inducing sound scenes by our exclusive DIY mix feature & free professional sleep sound library. With 22 built-in songs, it can be used normally without network. Various types of sounds, suitable for various scenes and respective people.
  • 【Plug & Play】Rechargeable white noise machine-Easy to use with one hand and operate whole night on a single charge. All basic features & 22 built-in sounds can be enjoyed by buttons without phone on stand-alone mode, this smart white noise sleep machine is user-friendly for any age.
  • 【Portable Noise Machine】Travel sleep sound machine is lightweight, yet robust unibody design provides the professional sleep sound for the park, hotel, or anywhere else at home or away.
  • 【Timer & Schedule】Personalize and optimize your relax-sleep-wake schedule with sound-light combos. Sound machine for sleeping helps you fall asleep, protect your sleep quality.
  • 【Sleep Light Library】 Choose the presets designed for sleep, relax and meditation in our light library by a simple tap. White noise machine for adults to make you more comfortable.
  • 【Precise Volume】With 30 levels of volume by button & 100 levels by app ,it is perfect for sleeping .

Product Description

22 Built-in sounds in order are: Rain; Wave; Cicadas; Birds; Fireplace; Wind; Clothes dryer; Brook; Underground drips; Heartbeat; Fan; Crowd; White noise; Pink noise; Brown noise; OM *2; Singing bowl; Chimes; Meditation music; Lullaby*2.

It remembers what you played and what light you used last time. This is especially great at night when you’re ready to go to sleep – all you have to do is turn it on from the comfort of your bed!

Surprisingly loud without distortion, even at maximum volume. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures instant pairing and maintains a strong connection up to 66 ft.

We also offer rich color options of light to meet various needs. For instance, low warm-white light could strengthen people's sense of security; soft red light stimulates the generation of melatonin, an essential sleep-promoting hormone.

The durable fabric material and rugged housing allows your white noise machine to outlast all of your adventures. With anti-glare design, it shows off your modern aesthetic and protects baby in details.

Grab, Go, Enjoy: Lightweight, yet robust unibody design provides the perfect soundtrack for the park, hotel, or anywhere else at home or away.

Your smart white noise machine

  • Recent studies suggest listening to music, nature sounds, white noise, meditation soundtracks, and tracks utilizing autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) triggers may help people sleep. Actually the best sound to fall asleep to depends on your personal preference, as well as your sleep environment and the nature of your sleep problems. You can mix any 3 from 300+ sounds which we worked with the professional studio to record and process. Gurgling brook with singing birds, or Alpha Wave music with pink noise & waves, just find yours and save as your schedule in our app.

Do you have problems falling asleep?

A specific combination of sound and light in your environment may be the perfect solution for you. The new smart Omini sound machine can give you a personalized sleep environment with the freedom to mix and matched to make your sleep better, set different modes and timers to make you fall asleep faster. You will enjoy every night in comfort and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.

[schedule] It's a weekly schedule, so you can set in the app and make it a part of your habit. For example, you can set schedules to automatically turn on 10pm from Sunday to Thursday, while 11pm from Friday to Saturday. Or set up a bed time schedules so a soothing sound and color are ready and waiting when you bring baby in, and shut off at a pre-determined time later.

[Scenes] Simply set up your own scenes with sound and light in the app and enjoy it by one tap. For example, set up a nap time scene with a calming Alpha wave music and red color are there each time you tap it.

[Timer] Shutting off at a pre-determined time later is a must for sleep. Basically, set it and forget it, enjoy a good sleep tonight!

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