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Enhanced Arduino UNO R3 RFID Starter Kit with Software CD

Enhanced Arduino UNO R3 RFID Starter Kit with Software CD

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Product information:

The RFID learning kit is the entrance to the main kit update. The update is mainly carried out in the following ways:
1.1602 I2C 1602 replaced the screen to make it easier to control it,
2. New RFID module and RFID key fob and white card,
3. Added DS1302 clock module
4. Brand new sound detection module,
5. Brand new temperature and humidity module,
6. Brand new water level detection module,
7. Added 4*4 keyboard module
8. Brand new 8 * 8 dot matrix module

Packing list:
1 X UNO card
1 X USB cable
1 X IIC 1602 LCD screen
1 water test module
Resistor 1 pack
1 X remote control
1 X temperature module
1X8 * 8 dot matrix module
1 X stepper motor
1 X stepper motor driver board
1 X 3 color RGB module
1 X 4 * 4 keyboard
1 4-digit digital picture tube
1 X 1 digit picture tube
1 X XY joystick module
1 X Relay Module
1 X sound module
1 clock module
1X9g servo
1 X 9V Snap battery
1 X female-to-male Dupont wire
1 X jumper
1 X Breadboard
5 X LED lights
1 X photoresistor
1 X flame sensor
1 ball switch
1 infrared receiver
1 LM35
1 X potentiometer
1 X buzzer
1 X button
1 RFID module
1 X RFID key fob
1 X RFID white card
1 X box

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