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Padded Ankle Straps for Cable Machine Exercises - Ideal for Glute Workouts, Leg Extensions, and Booty Hip Abductors - Adjustable Comfort Ankle Cuff for Optimal Gym Performance

Padded Ankle Straps for Cable Machine Exercises - Ideal for Glute Workouts, Leg Extensions, and Booty Hip Abductors - Adjustable Comfort Ankle Cuff for Optimal Gym Performance

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  • 【ADDED AN EXTRA ADJUSTABLE STRAP】In order to solve the problem of the cable ankle strap sliding, our ankle cuff not only added an extra adjustable strap for secure your ankles, but also reinforce the strap part between bands and carabiner, more safe and durable. When you do kickback, it can protect your ankles not to slip easily and let your back kick more standard, won't strain the muscle, precise control of your inner and outer leg exercise, quickly get the body and physique of your dreams.
  • 【FOR ALL LOWER BODY WORKOUTS】These gym ankle straps cable attachments for gym , focusing on the glutes. Super practical for your workouts, premium materials support the product's durability. Simply connect kick back ankle strap to the gym's cable machine and train your lower body to perfection. These ankle kickback strap for cable machines are great for resistance workouts for your glutes, glutes, thighs, calves, and hamstrings so you can have muscle and lean legs!
  • 【WORK THAT BOOTY ANYWHERE YOU WANT】Wherever you exercise, cable kickback ankle straps are an essential addition to your workout. Easy to use in the gym or at home - whether you’re on the cable machine, doing a leg workout, or using other exercise equipment. Keep leg pulley ankle straps in your gym bag so you’re always ready to give your booty a fitness boost. Lightweight and easy to carry, they clip on and off in just a few seconds.
  • 【COMFORTABLE AND SKIN-FRIENDLY】HPYGN glute kickback ankle straps are made with neoprene padding that is super soft and breathable and will not hurt your skin or cause discomfort. Thicker 8mm padding can effectively provide cushioning, reducing the pressure on the body, so you can be more comfortable during the workout. ankle straps for women men, adjustable size, whether it is a thin ankle, or a fat ankle, it can be a perfect match!
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】We have faith in our product & you'll always be covered. Anything of any problems of the ankle straps for cable machines we are glad to help you.

Product Description


For shapely legs and a firmer butt, working your glutes is key. Designed especially for kickback exercises, our resistance band ankle straps are made for a more comfortable, and in turn, more effective workout. That means that every time you hit the gym, you’ll be getting the maximum benefit from your workout. Turn it up, feel the burn, and build the booty you’ve always dreamed about!

Get the most out of every gym visit and work your way to a body that looks great. Whether you’re at the beach, out with the girls, or down at the gym, everyone will envy your slim figure and tight butt! Tone and trim your muscles to build a flawless physique and feel confident about how you look.


An essential gym accessory, our gym ankle strap for cable machine can be used with cable machines, resistance trainers, and other gym equipment. If you’re exercising at home, they’re perfect for adding intensity and support to glute kickbacks, leg extensions, and weight training.

Use them to warm up your glutes by doing glute kickbacks and side leg raises on the cable machine.Or isolate your quads and hamstrings by doing leg extensions and hamstring curls!

With these wrist wraps, you’ll instantly realize just what you’ve been missing.

Our ankle straps are made for you.

We Are Confident You Will Love Your Ankle Workout Straps!

What are you waiting for? Start working out now.


The lining adds comfort and softness neoprene so that more gently adhere to the skin. 7mm thickness ensures that the force is evenly distributed when you perform each movement. You’ll come away from your workout with no ankle pain whatsoever.

Our cable machine ankle attachment don’t fray, break, or lose their shape. The velcro is thick, sticks down securely, and is built to last. You can use them for years - our velcro will hold up and keep you on track for a better body and firmer butt.


When you workout, you need to be confident your gear will do the job. Other ankle straps slip, slide, and ride up the leg. That means you’ll constantly need to interrupt your exercise and readjust them.

HPYGN cable leg attachments for gym are different. Our unique, cleverly designed kickback straps hold the main strap firmly in place, stopping it from sliding up your leg. That means that even if you’re pulling a heavy weight, your straps will grip onto your ankles and never let go - without shifting or chafing. No matter how hard you work out, you can be confident the cable ankle attachments for gym will hold up.

Full Body Workout
Sport Type Targeting Biceps StrengthTraining Muscle Training Muscle Training Gain Muscle Shape Body
Benefits Great for targeting biceps, building your back and blasting your core Suitable for tone your chest, lower body, upper body, abdomen, biceps, triceps, back and buttocks. Pull Up Helper Band, gain more arm strength Great suit for Resistance Band or Cable Machine Attachments, Strength Trainer, Pull Down Gain Muscle, Strong Muscles and S-curve Body Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Rehab, Strength Training

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