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Professional USB Condenser Microphone with Plug and Play Functionality for Gaming, Podcasting, and Recording on PC, Mac, and PS4/PS5 (Black)

Professional USB Condenser Microphone with Plug and Play Functionality for Gaming, Podcasting, and Recording on PC, Mac, and PS4/PS5 (Black)

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  • 【Easy Plug&Play Setup】 This USB gaming microphone for computer is ready to use with Computer, Laptop, PC, Windows, Mac OS, PS4, and PS5 right out of the box. Connect it easily to your iPhone, Type C Phone, iPad, or Android Tablet using the included USB IPHONE ADAPTER and Type C to USB adapter. With this plug-and-play gaming streaming microphone set and podcast equipment bundle, there's no need for additional setup steps. It's simple to start creating video content and engage with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Zoom, TikTok, Twitch, and podcasting.
  • 【Precise Mic Gain Control】Enhance your recording experience with the professional gain knob on this USB podcast microphone. Easily adjust the microphone volume and sensitivity to achieve optimal sound quality during your recordings. Dial the gain down to effectively minimize room noise pickup, and turn it counter-clockwise for increased sensitivity. The Echo function can be adjusted using the dedicated level control and deactivated as desired. The LED mute reminder ensures you never forget to unmute yourself during important moments.
  • 【Superb Sound Quality】This stereo studio microphone ensures exceptional audio quality, delivering crystal-clear and well-balanced reproduction across a wide frequency response. It can handle high sound pressure levels (SPLs) without distortion, providing detailed and faithful sound for both studio and on-the-go use. With its Cardioid polar pattern, it minimizes background noise and offers excellent feedback control. The built-in noise-canceling chipset ensures pristine and accurate capture of your voice. This microphone is ideal for presentations, podcasts, Zoom and Skype meetings, recordings, instant messaging, gaming, and streaming on platforms like Twitch.
  • 【Live Monitoring】This podcast microphone features a 3.5mm headphone interface that allows for direct and latency-free monitoring. It's especially useful for video creators who want to ensure they're not cutting off or experiencing excessive noise. Adjust the desired monitoring level using the volume control, whether you're gaming, recording content for TikTok, YouTube, Zoom, or Facebook live streams. With this microphone for your computer and iPhone, you can achieve an optimal volume level, capture background sounds perfectly for your film, and ensure error-free audio recording.
  • 【360-Degree Rotatable Top-Addressed Microphone】This microphone for iPhone is designed to be top-addressed, meaning that you should position it with the top of the microphone facing towards the sound source during use. For optimal sound quality, it's important to speak directly into the top of the microphone. The microphone is equipped with a 360-degree rotation feature, allowing you to adjust its position as needed. It also comes with an integrated heavy-duty all metal construction desktop base for added stability.
  • 【Included Accessory Package】1 x Solid built metal construction and anti-vibration stand base (avoid moving); 1 x Durable and professional-grade k66 series black microphone; 1 x 70.87 inch USB Audio Cable; 1 x Type C Adapter for compatibility with the newest MacBook and other Type C devices (phones, tablets, and PCs); 1 x USB Adapter for iPhone and iPad; 1 x Microphone Foam Windscreen; 1 x User manual; Free technical support for assistance with any inquiries or issues.

Product Description

Tailored for Your Podcasting and Audio Game

Strong Compatibility with PC, Computer, Laptop, iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, PS 4&5. (TYPE-C ADAPTER & USB ADAPTER FOR IPHONE INCLUDE)

Professional Condenser Microphone

No fixed angle restrictions

Flexible and Sturdy Mic: 360-Degree Rotation and Weighted Base for Ideal Audio Output

Stylish LED Indicator

Total Control at Your Fingertips: Mic with Mute, Volume, Adjustable Echo, and Mic Volume for Optimal Monitoring

No-Latency Monitor

  • Immersive Voice Recording: No-Latency Monitoring and On-board Volume Control for Personalized Atmosphere.

Exceptional Audio Performance

Clear Sound with Advanced Features: DSP Chip, Cardioid Pattern, and Noise-Reducing Cable

Seamless Compatibility: Connect All Your Devices with Ease

This microphone comes with a USB adapter for use with iPhone and iPad Pro (iPhone 5 onwards and fourth-generation iPad onwards), as well as a Type-C adapter for use with all Type-C devices. And It is compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, desktop computers, and laptops.

Certified Performance: Elevate Your Recording with Certified Microphone

A microphone for all of your needs

Comparing the K66 microphone to other options from us


What is the pickup pattern of this microphone?

Top-addressed cardioid pickup, you will need to position it with the top of the microphone facing towards the sound source when using it. Make sure to speak directly into the top of the microphone, as this will provide the best sound quality.

Does this microphone work with Android phones?

Sure, it's compatiable with Android phones through the included TYPE-C ADAPTER. And ensure Your Android Device Supports OTG and make sure it's enabled before use, or Activate OTG as Needed.

Is the mic compatible with the Mac book?

The mic is compatible with Macbook and doesn't require any additional drivers. Make sure to check your Mac settings and ensure that the mic is recognized as an input source.

Does this microphone work with an iPad?

This microphone includes a USB adapter for iPhone that allows it to be compatible with iPhone 5 onwards and iPad 4 onwards.

What is the recommended distance to keep when using this desktop cardioid microphone?

The recommended distance to keep when using this microphone is generally between 6 to 12 inches from your mouth. But it's best to experiment with different distances to find the optimal one for your needs.

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