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Racing Wheel Adapter for PS5/Switch/Xbox Racing Games - Ras1Ution 2

Racing Wheel Adapter for PS5/Switch/Xbox Racing Games - Ras1Ution 2

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  • [Ras1ution 2] A PS5 racing games solution. Also, a Converter for racing wheels, supports PS5/PS4/PS3, Switch (Noted: First, go to settings>controllers&Sensors, and turn ON Pro Controller Wired Communication.), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 360, Xbox One consoles.
  • [Gear UP!] As a gamer, Never compromise with your gaming gear. You could choose your own racing wheel as you like. To play PS5 and PS4 racing games on the PS5 platform and other consoles.
  • [Features] OLED Head-Up Display (HUD), easy operating buttons, non-slip back texture, adjustable Steering Angle and Feel the Force Feedback (Noted: If you are not in steering wheel mode, the vibration will be emulation.)
  • [Ultra-Durable braided Type C to USB cable] It provides better durability by braided cable without suffering from tangling or easy fracture.
  • [APP] To set up your device by visiting the Ras1ution app on IOS/Android stores.

Product Description


Brook breaks the platform boundaries and develops a brand-new converter, Ras1ution 2, for racing wheel, supporting to use on such console platforms as PS5/PS4/PS3, SWITCH, and Xbox Series and being compatible with wheel controllers on market!

No limits for having fun. Don’t need to compromise. From now on, you can use the racing wheels you’re accustomed to enjoy racing games on various platforms!

There’s no terminal for racing and racers are never lonely. While facing all kinds of tough tracks, you’re always accompanied by Brook to face challenges together.


Include Ras1ution 2 converter for racing wheel x1, Type C USB Cable x1, Instruction x1
Support game consoles PS5/PS4/PS3、SWITCH、XSX|S、XBOX 360、Xbox One
Support game controllers For using accessories like paddles / gear shifter, it is suggested to use with the wheel from the same brand. It is not guaranteed to work with wheels from different brands.
Force feedback Support
Steering range Support
Exclusive APP Support
Size / Weight 12.7 x 8.6 x 3.1 cm / 117.4g

Please press PS/Xbox/Home key to login first. If your controller don't have these keys, please check the mapping table on manual. (ex. Logitech G29, G27, Driving Force Pro)



Ras1ution 2 supports force feedback and steering range settings. You can set personal force feedback strength and adjust the sensitivity of racing wheels in the exclusive APP so as to create true racing experiences!

*For force feedback, it is supported in steering wheel modes. In controller modes, it's not force feedback, it's vibration emulation.

*With steering range, the steering angles of racing wheels can be adjusted, instead of the largest steering range in the game.


The exclusive APP " Brook Ras1ution " supports the firmware updating as well as customized settings via Bluetooth connection from the device.

It helps build the exclusive racing weapon and provide the excellent gaming experience!

Driving Force Pro(Top)


  1. What is the different between Ras1ution and Ras1ution 2? Ras1ution 2 supports to play racing games on PS5, but Ras1ution doesn't.
  2. Can Ras1ution 2 work with G29 on Xbox with force feedback? YES. Force feedback supported in steering wheel mode, controller mode is vibration emulation.
  3. I have adjusted force feedback on the product, but force feedback still doesn't work as expeted. Please adjust force feedback settings in game first, and then fine-tune on Ras1ution 2
  4. Does Ras1ution 2 support all steering wheels? Ras1ution 2 supports various popular steering wheels. Please check the compatibility list on product page.
  5. How can I adjust force feedback and steering range? You can adjust force feedback and steering range by HUD or APP.
  6. What is the difference between steering wheel mode and controller mode? Steering wheel mode emulates your wheel to be a wheel, while controller modes emulates your wheel to be a controller.
  7. What is the secondary USB port used for? USB1 is the connection to steering wheel, USB2 is the connection for racing wheel accessories
  8. I have successfully updated the software, why is my wheel still not working? Make sure if you have pressed the PS button to log in first. If you have pressed it but still doesn't work, please contact Brook Team.
Console Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Xbox X/S PS5, Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Xbox X/S
Appearance Red Blue
Wired Color Red Wired Blue Wired
Exclusive APP Red icon (Interface update) Blue icon (Interface update)

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