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Kegelbell Training Kit for Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles and Addressing Incontinence

Kegelbell Training Kit for Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles and Addressing Incontinence

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  • (1) Storage Bag and Instructions
  • (2) Inserts
  • (3) Weights
  • FDA Registered Device
  • Measurable Results

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Introducing Kegelbell, the first externally weighted way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
Kegelbell is an FDA registered pelvic muscle training device that connects women with their inner power and gives them their swagger back. The Kegelbell pelvic floor training device is the only device on the market that has the weight outside the body. Kegelbell's technology allows women to kegel with more weight, with greater customization, from beginner to advanced.
●    The Weight Hangs Outside the Body
●    16 Total Combinations For Customized Strength Training
●    Measurable Results
●    Start Seeing Results in Two Weeks
●    FDA Registered Made of Medical Grade Silicone
●    Easy To Wash With Soap And Warm Water
No matter your age, Kegelbell will get you in the best shape of your life. But there are certain situations where vaginal weights are not recommended:

You have been experiencing pelvic pain with penetration
You are pregnant or have given birth less than six weeks prior
You have a vaginal infection
You have 3rd or 4th-degree pelvic organ prolapse where the organ drops down to the entrance of the vagina
You have had pelvic surgery in the last three months

Kegelbell should always be a comfortable experience. If you ever feel pain, stop using the device, and see your doctor as you may have a medical condition. Just like you would do before you start any exercise routine, seek your doctor’s advice, to ask questions such as “can Kegelbell be beneficial in my specific circumstance?” and any other questions you may have.
Why Kegelbell?
Most of us don't understand the function of our pelvic floor and kegels are hard to do by themselves. Kegelbell not only helps you make sure you're doing it correctly but it also significantly reduces the length of time to perform kegel exercises.
How often should I use Kegelbell?
We recommend that you use Kegelbell three times a week, in five-minute workout sessions each time. Then after three months or when you reach your ideal strength level, you can drop the number of weekly workouts down to one time per week to maintain muscle strength. Most users find they achieve their goal in 12 weeks and are easily able to maintain better bladder control and improved sexual function.
What is it made of and is it safe?
The insert is made from a medical grade silicone that meets FDA recognized standards for quality based on passing United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI testing. We have tested our product extensively at labs and continually monitor through our robust quality assurance program. The inserted portion is made of pure silicone and the external-to-the-body weights are silicone overlay on a zinc alloy.
It's Not Just An Issue For Older Women
Take back control of your body by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and reducing bladder leakage at any age.
Alternative Solutions Can Be Expensive
Women spend an average of $400 USD/year on bulky diapers and pads to address their bladder leakage issues.
4th Trimester Struggle Is Real
Over 40% of women worry about vaginal laxity (vaginal tightness) after childbirth. Kegelbell is a safe and natural option for postpartum recovery. 
Learn more about the Kegelbell story:
We exist to help modern women feel good inside and out.
In fact, we’re obsessed with creating great products that work, simply and effectively. No fluff. No hype. No surgery. For real.
Our health and fitness products are designed by a worldwide team of experts and are distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what modern women need to feel better at any age. In fact, we’re obsessed with creating great products that work, simply and effectively. No fluff. No hype. No surgery. For real. 
We are built on the belief that the world needs a fundamental transformation of how women take care of their bodies. So we created Kegelbell to help the tens of millions of women who want and deserve to be great.
With Kegelbell, we’re helping women lift where it counts with the easiest way to do a kegel so they can protect themselves from the inevitable: a natural weakening of the pelvic floor muscle that when ignored or forgotten, leads to annoying symptoms that affect so many women in ways they rarely want to admit.
We believe the time is now for this change. And we suspect you think it's about time as well.
Lift the world up! 
Stephanie Schull, PhD, Kegebell Inventor & Founder 

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