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Multi-Functional Emergency Hand Crank Radio with Solar, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Channels, LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp, 2000mAh Power Bank USB Charger, and SOS Alarm

Multi-Functional Emergency Hand Crank Radio with Solar, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Channels, LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp, 2000mAh Power Bank USB Charger, and SOS Alarm

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  • [Essential Emergency radio]After 3 years of market research,considering most of possible situations,we believe this emergency radio is the necessary part for you.This emergency radio has AM/FM/WB,2000mAh large capacity internal Li-ion battery,SOS Alarm,strong signal reception,bright flashlight and reading lamp that can illuminate the night.When in emergency,this solar radio can help you out and be your best reliable companion.
  • [Never Lose Contact with Outside]An excellent emergency radio can receive the necessary information in emergency situation.This NOAA weather radio can receive the latest news and weather information.Instead of waiting,you can prepare ahead of time.We always know natural calamities often hit without any warning.Prepared with emergency radio can help you avoid most of hurt from natural.
  • [Keep Device always Has Power]With 2000 mAh internal battery,this emergency radio can work for 10 hours. Of course, the emergency radio can also charge your phone in emergency time.In order to ensure the weather radio can work normally for a long time,charge the weather radio through USB is a good choice. In case of emergency situation,power the emergency radio by hand crank, solar panel and AAA battery can ensure you use the emergency radio normally.
  • [Super Bright Light Keeps Dangerous Away]Considering the danger of being in darkness,the hand crank radio equipped with useful reading lamp and super bright flashlight function.Whether walking at night or meet the power cut, this emergency radio can provide you with the most timely help.Also we added the SOS alarm function on this solar radio. A loud siren can draw others attention and help you out as soon as possible.
  • [What We Promise?]We have been worked in this field for 3 years and believe that our emergency radio can help you when you need some help.Therefore,We provide high quality product and 18 month warranty to you.If you have any questions,please contact us directly. Our world customer service is always waiting for you 24/7 for anytime you need us.

Product Description

Emergency Weather NOAA Radio

With the development of the times, we rely more and more on mobile phones and the Internet to obtain information. We believe that disasters are far away from us, but everything is unpredictable. Once natural disasters appear and signals disappear, what can we rely on to obtain the newest information?

Therefore, after 3 years of market research and compare with most of the products on the Amazon,we highly recommend our sincere product——This emergency radio.Maybe it looks like an antique,but trust us,this emergency radio is fairly reliable and more practical than you can think.With 3 frequencies, 4 charging ways, 2 reliable light sources and other powerful functions can provide you with necessary help in most of emergency situations.

NOAA Function

It is terrible when disaster strikes and we know nothing about it.Select WB with the band selector and extend the antenna to get better signal will be the good choice for you to get the newest information.It is really convenient and reliable.

2 Light Sources

Press the button located at the top of the emergency radio can turn on the flashlight.Rotating the solar panel can turn on the reading lamp.These two light sources are bright enough to light up the darkness when power cut.Give you and your family enough sense of security.

2000mAh Power Bank

At the same time, this emergency radio is also equipped with 2000mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery.The capacity is large enough to offer your USB devices(like your phone、laptop) enough emergency power source to contact outside and find some help.

SOS Alarm

When our voices are not loud enough for outside to hear us, having an emergency device that phonate will help us out as soon as possible.Select the SOS alarm with the selector which is under the weather radio,then this weather radio will send a loud warning sound.

AM/FM Function

Select AM/FM with the band selector and extend the antenna to get better signal.This emergency radio is easy to receive the newest news and music station.

What's in the box?

Emergency Radio x1

USB Cable x1

User Manual x1

How to power it?

4 Charging Ways:

1.Hand crank:Turn the crank at a constant speed to generate electricity.

2.USB charge:Connect the USB port to quickly charge the emergency radio.

3.Solar Powered:Place the emergency radio in sufficient sunlight can charge the emergency radio effectively and the internal battery can be exteneded.

4.AAA Batteries:AAA batteries are easily found everywhere.If you install the AAA batteries in the radio, it can also be used as emergency power and can use the radio function normally.

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