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Extra Large Lavender Scented Puppy Pads - 30X36In, Highly Absorbent with Odor Elimination, Suitable for Dogs, Disposable (40 Counts)

Extra Large Lavender Scented Puppy Pads - 30X36In, Highly Absorbent with Odor Elimination, Suitable for Dogs, Disposable (40 Counts)

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  • 【Extra Large Size Puppy Pads】Croci dog training pads are 30x36 inches in size, which is larger than standard pads can absorb up to 10 cups of liquid. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, puppies, senior or sick dog, also for kittens, cats, and other pets to use as a kennel or pet bowl mat, furniture protector, or toilet training pad for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 【Lavender Scented Odor Eliminating】Compared to regular pee pads for dogs, these CROCI dog pads contain lavender ingredients with odor-control properties. The special lavender scent deodorizing ability helps to capture and neutralize the odor, rather than simply covering up the urine smell. The long-lasting pleasant lavender scent leaves your home smelling fresh and clean, keeping unpleasant pet odors at bay.
  • 【6-Layer Protection Design】Croci dog pee pads have a 6-layer design for superior liquid absorbency compared to most puppy pads on the market. The non-woven fabric top layer has a unique 3D diamond quilting design for rapid urine absorption, while the super absorbent polymer (SAPs) core turns liquid into gel instantly to lock in the urine. The bottom PE film keeps urine from leaking through.
  • 【Thickened Unbeatable Absorption】One of the key advantages of CROCI wee wee pads is the use of more grams of SAP and thickened paper tissues in the pads' construction. SAP is a highly absorbent GEL that quickly and effectively soaks up pet urine, plus the effect of thick cotton paper tissues to increase liquid absorption, ensuring your home floors keep clean and dry.
  • 【Adhesive Sticky Tabs】Each dog pad is equipped with non-slip 4 sticky tabs that keep the pad in place. The sticky tabs offer two ways to stick the pads - you can adhere them to the floor or even to the wall based on your dog's urination habits. If you experience any issues with our dog pads, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Description

Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean with CROCI Lavender Scented Dog Pads

Introducing the revolutionary CROCI dog pads - Our special lavender scent doesn't just mask the urine smell - it captures and neutralizes it, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of lingering pet odors and hello to a long-lasting pleasant lavender scent.

CROCI offers its dog pads with 28x34in or 30x36in two size in packs of 40 dog training pads, bringing you the best chance for successful potty training. Superior absorbency performance up to 8~10 cups and reliable high-quality pet supplies makes dogs live more comfortable and happy.

Not Only for Dogs, But Also for Other Pets

Pratical large size pee pads for dogs are oriented to a wide range of animals, not just for dogs but also for other pets, like kittens, cats, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, squirrels, etc.

Unique Lavender Deodorization Technology

A clean and fresh-smelling home that every pet parent and dog deserves.

Lavender ingredient, with odor control properties, can capture and neutralize the urine odor left behind, rather than cover up. Ideal for puppies and dogs that stay indoors for long periods of time.

6-Layer Structures for All-day Protection

Larger and Thicker for Better Protection

Our Puppy Pads Pet Training Pads Features:

  • Extra large puppy pads 30x36in to provide all-day protection for the puppy or senior dogs
  • Thicken cotton dog pee pads extra large for tear-resistant
  • Adhesive Sticky for stick the training pads for dogs on the wall or on the floor
  • 3D diamond quilted to dry the surface of the pee pads for dogs more quickly

Multiple Uses

Training Points

Place the Pee Pads

Please place the potty pads for dogs in a fixed position. It is best to put the dog pad on the floor away from the food and sleeping ares of dog's. If necessary, please peel non-slip tabs on the back of the wee wee pads to fix the dog pad on the floor.

Familiar the Dog Pads

Please gently guide your lovely dog to sniff the lavender scented training pads for dogs several times in order to familiar with the smell of the potty pads. If your pet begins to go potty, please take him to where the puppy pee pads is.

Reward Your Dog

Praise your dog through verbal words to encourage him/her, for example, “Well-done” or “Good Dog”, when he or she sucessfully use the dog training pads. If your dog goes potty somewhere besides the pee pads for dogs, please bring him or she back to the pee pad immediately, let them get used to it.

Continuous Practice

Please eliminate previous odor before new training. And guide your dog every day to use the dog pad and reward his/her positive behavior. Once your dog can use the pee pads for dogs extra large by himself when unattended, and then you have successfully potty trained him/her.

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